May 26, 2015

Reconnecting again

Today was a bad and good day. It left off on a great note though. I love those days that end better than they started. I'm not sure why but we were all a little grumpy again. We had a pretty busy week and missed many naps. It was worth it though. We got to spend all morning with dad. He came to they gym with us and tumbled in the foam pit with Jacquelyn. She loved it. So did Brayden. Actually, I don't know who loved it more. We finished the afternoon gathering with all the Moore clan at Grandma Moore's house. We ate, visited, planted a garden, and had the chance to visit Grandpa Moore's grave.

Today we spent the majority of the time running errands. Needless to say I was a little less patient with Jacquelyn than I should have been. Tonight, as I was laying in bed next to her I told her I was sorry for getting mad at her. I told her," You are teaching me how to be a mom." She looked me in the eye and said, " You are a good mom."

Sweet. Sweet girl.

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